ORIX Aviation overview

ORIX Aviation is a commercial aircraft leasing and asset management company providing specialist asset management and advisory services to clients, including some of the world’s leading financial institutions, operators and investors.

Founded in 1991, ORIX Aviation is based in Ireland. The company has hands-on experience of asset management from managing its own aircraft portfolio. It has built up its expert systems into fully integrated service lines that support clients in all aspects of asset management. The company currently manages and advises its clients on an extensive fleet of modern commercial aircraft and engines.

ORIX Aviation is a Standard & Poor’s approved aviation asset management service provider. Its high quality standards and cohesive organisational structure allow fresh, innovative thinking and flexibility in a complex business environment. Its strong relationships to its clients and their partners allow it to achieve maximum returns from aircraft assets throughout their working lives. For more details, visit the ORIX Aviation website at www.orixaviation.com.

ORIX Aviation is a member of the ORIX Corporation group of companies. ORIX Corporation is an integrated financial service group based in Tokyo , Japan , providing innovative value-added products and services to both corporate and retail customers. With operations in 23 countries worldwide, ORIX activities include leasing, corporate and consumer finance and development, life insurance and investment banking. For more details, visit the ORIX website at www.orix.co.jp.

From its early days, ORIX have used the Leasepoint® system to help them manage their fleet. ORIX’s initial use of the system focussed on its Contracts Management and Technical Expenditure functionality. More recently, ORIX wanted its ever-increasing volumes of technical data to be centrally managed. They decided to go for a best of breed approach and investigated both in-house and external options. Commenting on their decision to use the Technical module of Leasepoint to satisfy their requirements, ORIX stated:

“The rich functionality of Leasepoint offered the best solution to our requirements. In addition, by extending the footprint of what we already had, we now have a central repository for all our commercial aircraft leasing data. This gives us better access, more accuracy and full control of a vital commercial asset that is often overlooked – our data. This is a major factor internally and also to those whose aircraft we manage. Leasepoint continues to help us provide a world-class service to our clients”

The new technical module allows ORIX to store detailed technical specifications in the system. Combining this with utilisation data, the Leasepoint system will help ORIX to predict with great accuracy when major maintenance events should take place. In addition, the ability to readily produce accurate marketing documentation from Leasepoint makes placing an aircraft when it comes to the end of its lease a much easier process.
In addition to this, ORIX plan to further extend their use of the Leasepoint system by using new functionality which is currently in the final stages of testing:

Data collection
This eases the process of collecting data from regular technical inspections. The resulting data can then be quickly and accurately transferred into the Leasepoint central data repository:

  • Data in Leasepoint exported to excel format
  • Collected by inspector
  • Imported back into Leasepoint central data repository
  • Import process provides facilities for on-screen validation, review and modification

Maintenance reserve exposure analysis
This allows the user to monitor Coverage and Exposure for Maintenance Costs for their Portfolio based on agreed Operator Maintenance Reserve Rates. The System provides detailed analysis in both list and graphical form of Maintenance Coverage and Exposure for Aircraft.
“The new functionality provided by Leasepoint will enable ORIX to offer a more efficient and complete service to our ever-expanding customer base” commented Eoin Kelly, Vice President, ORIX Aviation.
“Our investment in Leasepoint has delivered measurable benefits to our bottom line over the years and working in partnership with AMT-SYBEX, we plan to continue to offer a superior service to our worldwide customer base in Europe, The Americas and Asia.”

The Future
The aircraft leasing world is a dynamic one and part of the reason for ORIX’s success to date is its ability to adapt to this ever-changing environment. AMT-SYBEX’s ongoing software development makes Leasepoint a mature application and allows ORIX to advance within the industry.
The Leasepoint system has helped ORIX to manage their operations. With it, they are well positioned to continue to take advantage of incremental business opportunities as they appear.

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