Maintenance reserve analysis (MRA) is the best in class forecasting tool that enables you to quickly and easily view accurate reserve fund balances for each fund for each asset across your entire fleet.

With our maintenance reserve analysis module, you can:

Improve understanding

Greatly improve understanding with this module’s capability to predict monthly cashflows for reserves, event costs and calculate reserve reimbursements.

Manage complexity

Effectively manage complexity with MRA which allows you to create models based on potential acquisitions. You can compare lease offers from multiple Lessors to identify the optimal deal for your Airline.

Fine-tune planning

MRA enables you to plan more effectively as it forecasts when events will take place, what the cost will be, if there is sufficient coverage and who is responsible for any shortfalls.

True insight

Maintenance reserve analysis allows you to overlay minimum return conditions, escalation factors, inflation curves and end of lease adjustment factors allow you to get a true insight into your exposure.

Extensive Functionality

Utilise the extensive functionality to forecast all future cashflows and exposure to maintenance events. Leasepoint will predict monthly cashflow and maintenance costs. It will estimate, when events will take place and if there is sufficient coverage.