Business Support Tools

Business Support Tools

Leasepoint® provides a range of Business Supports Tools to assist with the management of your lease and asset data.

Customizable Content Management

Configurable content management allows your business to publish and access data from multiple locations including your desktop, web and mobile devices. Customized homepages and dashboards can be created for different departments, giving the business flexibility to build custom solutions. A variety of content can be published including apps, web, reports, custom reports and linked applications.

Increased Efficiency

Leasepoint data is automatically linked to the diary functionality. You can build your own suite of custom events with bespoke data structures in order to manage the entire spectrum of events within a single application. Notifications can be emailed to the business on demand to improve visibility of upcoming events.

Audit and Flexible Security Functionality

All data entered is recorded in an online audit trail. Your business can build review-workflows ensuring key changes to data are reviewed in a timely manner. An extensive list of granular security roles ensures that your business can implement separation of duty requirements within the application.

Integration Capabilities

Leasepoint can be integrated into your suite of corporate applications and provide a range of dataload capabilities so that you can take on your data quickly and hit the ground running.