Contracts Management

Contracts Management

Leasepoint® provides a scalable and extendable Contracts Management functionality that can adapt to your changing business needs. All aspects of your lease data, including contractual terms, event management and lease compliance can be managed using a range of business support tools. The system automates the management of payment schedules, and the Maintenance Reserves functionality supports the full array of charges in the marketplace and integrates with the modelling and forecasting module. You can begin with basic contract structures and then revise your data content as your business requirements become more complex.

Increased Data Control and Reduced Risk

Migrate away from unstructured data content in Excel, Word, calendar and emails and store data in a structured application with full audit capabilities. All contractual terms and events can be entered into our customizable contracts structure enabling greater oversight. Additionally the business will be notified when key events are due ensuring key processes are not overlooked.

Increased Efficiency

Relinquish the reliance on complex Excel spreadsheets. Leasepoint can automatically generate all payment schedules and calculate amounts due, taking in feeds from non-business days and interest rates and utilizing them as required. Automatically create and email invoices individually or in batch mode dramatically reducing the volume of manual work required. A single-click allocation process integrates with on-demand past-due reports thus allowing the business so see exposure to outstanding receivables on demand.


The expertise of our team has been generated from 20 years in the aircraft leasing market. We have delivered leasing solutions to some of the biggest names in the industry including Boeing, Airbus and Standard Chartered. We have supported our clients over many years and through numerous changes in business requirements, developing a product with rich and efficient functionality. Our long-term client relationships are a testament to the quality of our product and our development, support and consultancy teams.