Our contracts management feature is second to none. We give you a depth of functionality and control that is unrivalled. Major lessors from all over the world are implementing this module to manage 6000 aircraft and engines worth more than $40 billion dollars.

With our Contracts Management Module you can:

Increase Data Control & Reduce Risk

Store data in a structured application with full audit capabilities and you will be notified when key events are due ensuring that crucial processes are implemented so the risk of error is reduced.

Increase Efficiency

Automatically generate payment schedules, calculate amounts due and email invoices individually or in batch mode efficiently reducing the volume of manual work required.

Plan for the Future

Our contracts management solution allows you to create rich, accurate forecasts which will facilitate with planning and strategy for the future.

Customise, Operate, Analyse

Our Contracts management module boasts a fully customisable interface. Begin with the basic content structures and then readjust it to suit your specific needs to optimise your performance.
Lesee Dashboard

Bring your Data to Life

Fully integrate the contracts management module with a business analytics solution such as Power BI that will enable you to visualise your data and share your graphic insights with your team allowing for a greater depth of analysis.

Single Point of Entry

Your data is entered once into the contract management module which then updates all forecast and status information daily, greatly reducing the amount of time and effort spent inputting data.