The Leasepoint customer website is a secure, self-service website that can be configured to allow your customers to access information on their portfolio of transactions.

With the customer website you can:

Gain better control

Your contracts team can gain better control as the website enables them to view portfolio summaries, contact details, payment schedules, overdue payments and much more information.

Reduce administration time

Back office administration will be greatly reduced as the customer can enter asset utilisation data directly into the website.

Configure content

Configurable content management allows your business to apply a branding layer and control the data content at a field level.

Key functionality

The website provides key functionality which enables you to customize the website to deliver the solution you require. The branding layer, screen content and security access for customers are all configurable.

Make Better Decisions

Search and find any information on the Leasepoint customer website which can be accessed by any device. This allows you to make crucial decisions on the move which are based on real time data.