Maintenance Reserve Analysis

Maintenance Reserve Analysis

Maintenance Reserve Analysis (MRA) provides extensive functionality to forecast all future cashflows and exposure for reservable events.

Business Intelligence

MRA functionality will predict monthly cashflows for reserves, event costs, reserve reimbursements, lessor funded contributions and lessee expenses. End of lease cashflows can also be predicted based on zero time, half-life, or mirror in/mirror out adjustments.


MRA will forecast when events will take place, what the cost will be, if there is sufficient coverage and who is responsible for any shortfalls. Forecasts are available at an engine, module or LLP level. All forecasts are updated on a daily basis, based on the latest utilization and activity. You can also overlay minimum return conditions, escalation factors, inflation curves, end of lease adjustment factors to get a true insight into your exposure over all types of reserves.


You can also create models based on contractual data or stress-test future deals. Half-life valuations can be merged with appraisal values to provide current and future asset values. Access to analysis reports, on an asset or fleet-wide basis, are also available on demand. The ability to model future deals will help your business reduce risk by quantifying exposure in future deals.