Technical Asset Management

Technical Asset Management

Leasepoint® contains Technical Asset Management functionality that allows you to maintain detailed portfolios of aircraft and engines. It also supports a range of other asset classes that can be designed using generic asset classification functionality. Asset ownership and operational history functionality allow you to record all key milestones in the life of the assets.

Increased Efficiency

Leasepoint maintains data and status information for all major components, as well as forecasting events for airframe checks, engine performance restorations, landing gear and APU overhauls. LLP listings can also be stored and managed by the system, as well as Air Worthiness and Service Bulletin compliance and engine parts inventory.

Single Point Of Entry

All utilization data is entered once, which updates all forecasts and status information on a daily basis, greatly reducing the amount of effort and time spent inputting data.

Specification On Demand

Configurable technical specifications, documents and images can be stored and integrated with your data collection process. Marketing brochures can be produced on-demand based on the latest information.